Living the Power of C

Whether it’s Cannabis, CBD, CBG, CBN, THC, terpenes and strains, consumers seek:

• Information and education

• Help sorting through consumption options

• Help finding out the best product, form and brand for them

CPASS Solution

Our artificial intelligence (AI), multivariate ‘shopping wizard’ brings clarity to the confusion through a simple fun quiz!

  • Strategically guided questions land shoppers on the ‘right’ product to buy
  • Easy to deploy across websites, email, social media, text, events & in-store.
  • Designed to increase sales & shopping cart conversions

Benefits & Features

Engages ‘omnishoppers’ across all ‘touch-points’

Key Features

  • Asks questions
  • Tracks answers
  • Makes recommendations
  • Links to product page
  • Flexible graphic design
  • Optimized for Mobile

Key Benefits

  • Shopper education
  • Saves shoppers’ time
  • Shortens sales cycle
  • Increases conversions
  • Highlights top products
  • Reduces returns

Wellness Consultant

Contact us to schedule demo and learn more about how CPASS can increase sales!